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There are currently several opportunities to become a more active participant in SSTIG. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a student, practitioner or academic. If you’re interested in science and technology and public administration and would like to help, there is something valuable for you to do.

Below is a current list of SSTIG’s most pressing needs.

  • Documenting the history of SSTIG
  • Sharing news regarding relevant developments in public administration related to technology and science including (but not limited to):
    • Notice regarding awards and professional achievements of SSTIG members
    • Reviewing relevant books
    • Summarizing new research findings
    • Bringing attention to innovative practices
    • Recommending relevant upcoming dates and deadlines
  • Serving as co-editor of the newsletter (and eventually serving as lead editor if you enjoy the work)
  • Serving as co-manager of the website (and eventually serving as website manager if you enjoy the work)

Contact Section President, Dr. Yu-Che Chen at to volunteer.

Don’t worry! If none of these activities appeal to you or if you’re too busy to help out right now, you will have many more opportunities to volunteer in the future.