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The mission of SSTIG is to assist interested public administrators in learning about the uses and limitations of science and technology in government. By promoting awareness of programs involving science and technology, SSTIG enables the results of these programs to be used to improve governmental efficiency and effectiveness.

SSTIG and its members are interested in a broad range of topics from environmental science to information technology to science innovation policies and everything in between. These are dynamic and exciting subject matters which government continues to grapple with and needs researchers and practitioners to explore.

Please contact Section President, Dr. Yu-Che Chen, if you have any questions or suggestions or would like to discuss SSTIG’s mission and activities. He can be most easily and quickly reached at

Membership within SSTIG costs $12 per year and provides members with:

  • A means of meeting other individuals interested in the interplay of  government and science and information technology
  • Attendance at the national section meeting
  • A voice in what topics and activities the section prioritizes
  • Opportunities to coordinate presentation panels with fellow section members
  • Updates regarding developments in the field of Public Administration related to science and technology

You can become a SSTIG member by selecting the Section on Science and Information Technology in Government when you initiate or renew your ASPA membership. Go to and click MEMBERSHIP from the list of categories at the top of the page. Then click JOIN if new to ASPA or REACTIVATE if you’re renewing your membership. Contact ASPA’s Membership Relations Coordinator, Concepcion Morris, at either or 202-585-4309 if you encounter any difficulties with this process.